Saturday, April 2, 2011

I felt for you....

42 years of married life is great to listen and great to be together. But all of sudden it does not workout, then there is something wrong between you and your better half's relationship.There should not be anything to complain each other. Hence, I am praying for both of you to start all over and be together. My prayers are all for you. It's hard to live single after such a successful married life, specially at that time of your life when you need support and love at most.

Both of you just think about your past, think about all happy moments that you had spend together, think about your first date, first gift that you have shared and just think about happy moments when you were married. There are enough happy moments that will just shadow your bad moments of your life.Imagine the moment when both of you were holding hands together in beach of ocean and discussing about plan of your life. Remember those Christmas eves when you shared love together with your kids and family, just think it and feel it. Remember those anniversaries you celebrated to remember joy of being together, just feel it.

Try to be there for each other and it will work out for sure. Please try to find out the root of problem and just take it out from your lives, for sure it will help you both, family and all of us who are near to you and care about you.
Love you Both
Praying for both and
Good luck
It is better to think twice before taking any decision in life... it will help you.

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