Saturday, May 24, 2014

बिर्सन कहाँ सके

बिर्सन कहाँ सके

न त अपनाउननै सके तिमीलाई नत बिर्सननै सके 

केबल सम्झी तिमीलाई तड्पन मात्र सिके 

तिम्रा निमित्त लेखिएका कथा सबै खरानी झै उडाइदिये 

उफ्फ दुर्भाग्य, मन भित्र हाबी तिमीलाई बिर्सन कहाँ सके 


Tuesday, May 13, 2014

What is the limit of Protesting against any party or a person?

Before I write anything in this post I just want to clarify that I am not affiliated to any political group. I love politics but I am not a politician. While going through Facebook today I saw this picture which I thought was not right. Politicians are those who never get appreciated for their task and work. It does not matter who is it either Grija Prasad Koirala or Baburam Bhattarai and who is going to leave Bamdev too. I think we have lots of spare time to follow each and every news and follow each and every protest that exist. It is all over the news and especially in facebook about recent event of Ramesh Kharel. He is a role model for each and every person for country's development. He is a great person, and I know he can do something better if he is allowed to do. He talks about zero tolerance about corruption, so corruption is only reason that country is lacking. There are lots of reasons and one of it discipline.It is right to speak any thing, any attacking words at any environment? Ramesh Kharel is also not a perfect person and he have to accept that he needs to improve something inside him too. After his speech, decision to transfer him out of Kathmandu is not right either.
          My main issue today is not about Ramesh Kharel or Politician in Nepal. My main issue is what is the limit of protesting against any person or any party? In this picture that I saw today was Bamdev is lying in death bed and getting ready to get cremated. You don't have to come up with that shameless picture to protest anyone. Just imagine, politicians are also a human being, they do also have a personal life and they do also have families. Just imagine your alive parent instead of Bamdev Gautam in that picture and feel the pain. Hence, you can protest but in limit. Also when you see the post you can see the comments with bad words too, so to cut or demolish bad thing you have to be bad too? According to Ramesh Kharel, for change it need to start with you, and you need to start with purity so, whoever loves and whoever is protesting for him, where is your purity and what's the difference between Bamdev Gautam and you.

And I know, I will get few dislikes and negative comments for this one. We Nepalese are very sensitive and easily amenable beings.We just follow the crowd and we also have a short term memory. If Bamdev does something right in a week, we all are ready to forget his past and so goes for Ramesh. A recent example of Dilshova case is one of them.