Saturday, April 16, 2011

April 16..

April 16 is unforgetful day for each and every individual who proudly says he/she is a Hookie, who is Hookie fan, or who is related to man kind. It was the day on 2007 when Virginia Tech massacre took place. Altogether 32 individuals were killed, but along with them whole community's trust was crashed and were hurt. It was not a easy day for a whole world. Was just thinking yesterday night whose fault was that. 
April 16, 2007 I got a call from my parents, they were worried and eager to listen my voice to conform that I was doing well. Ya, I used to live in Blacksburg those days and work for Virginia Tech. This was one of the best example of profit of science and technology, since I was at my college 25 minutes apart from Virginia Tech I was not able to get any information about the massacare until I got call from Nepal by my parents and friends. 
Most of the people were criticizing about U.S culture and laws, there went a deep thinking about gun violence, gun laws and everything. At one corner and in little aspect some people were talking about U.S health system specially related to mental health issues. It's been 4 years after the massacare, but I still do think they were right there is a big gap in the U.S system for treating mental health issues. It is hard to find any sustainable program targeted by government for mental health illness. Most of the individual still think that mentally ill patients are not a real patient. But, they are real patient, they need to be cared in the same pace how we care for other critical ill patient.

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