Monday, April 18, 2011

It is better to learn before an accident......

Ouch, it happened within a second and crushed on myself, so stupid of me. This is what always happens in your life, you know the consequences of the activities you are doing, but you are not serious enough until it goes wrong. I knew that although I had a cover for this iphone I didn't liked it because it used to make my phone less attractive. Now I am just flattered how attractive it is after this crack.
After the accident I was thinking why didn't I carried with cover, but it happened now it's not going to come back in its initial stage. And this is how is the health of any person.
Everyday we think how can people smoke, take drugs, get addicted to alcohol although they know the consequences of being drug addicted,smoking or anything. But they still don't stop drinking, nor they stop taking drugs. This is so called confidence in life, we always think that this is not going to happen in my life until it happens for you. When you are sick you think there is no more reasons to quit your habits because you can't improve it. But this is wrong.
So, smart person is the one who learns and applies precautions before any accident, intelligent is that who applies precautions and learns after his/her first accident. But there are some persons who never try to learn nor try to protect themselves from happening bad. They think this is so called adventure, but it is not.. in my opinion. Taking risk for your own health and life is not adventure that is stupidity. This means you are not willing to listen the truth of life and neglect the truth or just denying it.
Please try to understand it is better to learn before an accident if not please learn from small accident before big one happens in life.

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