Saturday, October 4, 2008

Are we all happy

It was 6'oclock I need to be at someone house for the dinner. I was hurrying. I tried my best to be there at time but I was kind of late.
At last I was in a Destination. I feel like I was in a paradise, what a lovely place? what a friendly people and mainly what a delicious food haha funny na.
we were only 6 people, it was not a great party. Yesterday was my one of the great day in my life. I was able to know some aspects of life. I realized that most of the people in this world are not happy but they try to show that they are happy.
It's been a more than a decades they are married but god didn't saw them they are unable to have a baby, they are waiting for it even though they know that they will not be able to have it. Oh my god please give some of my happiness to them.
I used to think that I am not the happy and lucky person but after the very day I realized that every person has a problem and every one struggle for it. So we should not give up anything to do and to start although someone is with you or not. Somebody loves you or not. You are not only that person who has trouble in life. so feel it solve it and try to live you can see the future you will be in the destination.

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